A suspected murder-suicide in Texas takes the lives of two young boys and their parents.

Local officials outside the san Luis Resort in Galveston gathering evidence of what's believed to be a murder-suicide. Police say the mother was the shooter.
She allegedly shot her thirty-nine-year-old husband and her two sons, ages five and ten before turning the gun on herself.
Police came to the hotel after a guest called to say they heard 'popping sounds.'
The husband and one of the sons were pronounced dead at the scene.
The mother and other son were still alive, but, later died at the hospital.
A neighbor Shirley Davis was close with the family.

Davis says "She was very friendly. She waved at us. Her husband was very friendly... and Daniel and Mauricio, they would ride their little bicycles, little tricycles on my driveway and if they saw me outside they would get off those bikes and come hug me. (Meant a lot to you?) Meant more than a lot... just to see the little young people, so in love with you."

Police investigators are still trying to piece together this tragedy.