Maria Sullivan lives just down the road from her daughter Angela, but when Maria hadn't been seen in a few days her daughter began to worry.

Angela said she knows her mother was seen at a hospital in Fort Worth on August 7.

She reported her missing to the Ft. Worth Police Department and then turned to social media for help.

Angela said a Facebook post showed a lot of people saw her mother walking, the latest spotting was in Abilene.

"We received a call last night from a lady that said her and her husband had picked her up on 277 Saturday night around 10 p.m. and gave her a ride to Abilene," Angela said.

Angela said it's unlike her mother to leave without telling anyone and to leave her three dogs whom she calls her children. She said her mother is very sick mentally and physically and she is very concerned.

Meanwhile, Fort Worth police have been contacting agencies all over the state as well as local hospitals and shelters looking for Maria Sullivan.

"I'm trying to hold it together and I’m pretty much at a breaking point because she’s my only mom," Angela said.

The Ft. Worth Police Department confirmed that Maria has been located on Aug. 14 around 7 p.m. Maria had checked herself into a behavioral facility in Ft. Worth Friday, Aug. 11.