John davis spent four years in the Air Force and nearly 20 years in law enforcement. He says the Fourth of July means a lot to him but also is very hurtful.

John said, "On the flip side of the celebration and the pride, comes the vets with PTSD. Now to civilians PTSD is just a word but to a veteran, when you go to sleep you return to Vietnam, or you return to what I consider the sandbox which is Afghanistan and Iraq."

John warns those who celebrate this holiday that it could be detrimental to the mental health of a vet.

He explained that when a veteran with PTSD hears these fireworks they could be taken back to their time during war.

He even said tragedy could strike in the worst instances. He said, “Flashback means they go back to war in their minds and they can see people outside their window as the enemy. He could get a firearm and start shooting them thinking that he's got to defend himself again."

John said he is thankful the American people celebrate their freedoms and liberties he fought so hard to keep but he does wish more people would be considerate to the internal battle these veterans are fighting.