More questions following what is turning out to be another week of turmoil for the Trump administration.

This, as some lawmakers are even beginning to call for the president’s impeachment.

“Don’t let them get you down,” President Trump said.

President Trump remained mum on two controversial reports. First from The Washington Post, claiming the president asked former FBI director James Comey to end the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

The Times says Comey wrote a memo – which has not been independently verified by news outlets – just after his talk with the president.

“The White House is obstructing our investigation, covering for Flynn and refusing to provide not a single document,” Rep. Elijah Cummings said.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan called on Congress to have patience and wait to hear from Comey himself.

“There’s been a lot of reporting lately [that] I think requires a lot of examination. Let me tell you what I told our members this morning: we need the facts,” Speaker Ryan said.

Meanwhile, some Democrats are calling for an independent investigation into President Trump, while others are jumping to calls for impeachment.

The House Intelligence Committee ranking member, however is also asking his fellow party members to take a step back.

“Obviously, the best evidence of what took place in the White House would be tapes, if they exist, as president alluded or threatened. And the next best evidence would be what the director has to say and what his notes have to say,” Rep. Adam Schiff said.

Also on the mind of the administration: the president’s first foreign trip, beginning later this week – and how the reports will factor into his time abroad and his meetings with the leaders of five countries.