An arson investigation that was opened nearly a decade ago still remains unsolved.

A slab of pavement holds lots of memories for Christie Beermann.

“We would come over here, oh every couple months, and we would buy a box of suckers,” said Beermann.

It was once home to an Abilene candy factory which neighbored Beerman’s antique shop.

“We opened this shop in 2000 and so we were neighbors to the candy factory,” said Beermann.

Beermann said the business opened in 1919.

She remembers making trips to the factory that was just feet from her business.

“They had the wonderful copper pots that they would melt the sugars in,” said Beermann.

On September 13, 2009, the factory went up in flames.

“We always had candy for people who came into the shop, so it was a really sad day when we arrived to open the shop and we saw the fire department here,” said Beermann.

The Abilene Fire Department said they investigated the fire as arson.

Investigators found many leads and possible suspects, but the case remains unsolved.

Walls of brick were all that were left.

“Two or three walls standing but because of the proximity to our building they decided to push the building in,” said Beermann.