Whether you’re loading up, filling up or planning to fly away, grab your calendar and get ready to save some cash!

Money management advisor Vera Gibbons says the people at GasBuddy crunched the data and found the best days to fly, buy and fill ‘er up!

“So, GasBuddy analyzed three years’ worth of fuel data and found that Monday is the cheapest day of the week to buy your gas,” Gibbons said.

Important to know with the busy summer travel season about to kick into drive.

And fill up with the lower octane, cheaper gas to save money. Most cars don’t need premium.

But if driving to your vacation destination is too far, buy an airplane ticket – just wait until Tuesday to book your flight.

“Tuesday is the best day to click and save, specifically around 3 p.m. on Tuesday because this is when the airlines have rolled out the deals, and they tend to disappear very quickly.”

Staycations are another way to save money, and you can get some deals on food for a backyard barbecue as long as you clip your coupons on a Wednesday.

“Coupons, special recipes are rolled out on Wednesdays. That is the best day of the week, typically, to do your grocery shopping. That’s when you find some really good deals on some of your favorite foods.”

Look for sales and discounts at your favorite retailer on Thursday. They tend to stock their shelves with new merchandise in the middle to the end of the week.

And on Friday, enjoy happy hour meal deals with your family or friends and celebrate all the cash you saved! After all, it’s your money.