Dozens of popular YouTube personalities were in Anaheim, California over the weekend to meet their fans at the annual VidCon.

“VidCon celebrates content creators and content creators are where we all get our inspiration, it’s where we find out about events, it’s where we find out where to purchase from, it’s where moments are created and it’s an incredibly important industry,” David Penchansky said.

“You have 26,000 people coming to this conference every year to learn more about an online video. You have every telecom and media company investing in online video. It is the place to be in entertainment,” JC Cangilla said.

Some content providers have more than 50 million subscribers, which attracts big bucks from advertisers.

“YouTube pays you for views. Also you can work with companies that pay you for trips to promote their services and stuff. So, for me, I work with a lot of tourism boards, lifestyle companies, alcoholic brands,” Erik Conover said.

“Just having a million subscribers or having a lot of views can get you brands, free hotels, sponsorships. It’s amazing how it’s coming right now,” Joshua Yozura said.

One reason viewers are loyal to these channels is the personal connection they have with the web stars.

“You’re able to post and push products, and you think your audience will enjoy ‘cause you have a genuine connection with them,” Liza Koshy said.

“You have an audience -- we have an audience that watch every single video. So, that says something when we say we like a certain brand or not,” Damon Dominique said.