SAN ANTONIO - Fans do pretty much anything to support their favorite teams and getting a special two-hour haircut is one of them.

Joe Barajas, or simply Joe Barber, owns House of Kardz Barbershop. His specialty? Portraits of athletes.

"I've been doing it so much, I just jump into it," Barajas said.

Spurs fan Juan Ramirez wanted Manu Ginobili etched into the back of his head. He picked one picture of the Spurs player screaming in honor of one friend that passed away.

"Someone posted a picture of Ginobili when he screams," he said. "[My friend] would always do that so I thought that's what I could get."

Creating a portrait on a head is much like a painting. Different sizes of razors can be considered paintbrushes and instead of acrylic or watercolor paint, Barajas uses shades of black hair dye to add depth.

This isn't Barajas' first rodeo. He's well known for his "Mt. Spursmore" piece and intricate Spurs selfie.

"It took me eight hours to do it," he said. "It was something in my heart I felt I needed to do."

Ramirez said people stop him to take photographs, but the biggest reward is visiting his son at school.

"When I go eat lunch with him, all the kids love it," he said.