There are major changes underway in San Antonio parks. The city says it's found just the thing to get more kids outdoors. Wi-Fi was just activated today at Palm Heights Park and two others across the city.

"They are going to have to keep using computers and technology as they get older so the more we can introduce that when they are younger is an important part of education," said the Innovation Manager at the Office of Innovation, Catherine Tkachyk.

Recreation Manager of the San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department added, "What we are doing this morning as we have Wi-Fi that has just been installed at this park and so we are doing some activities with the iPads with technology Incorporated."

Youngsters at Palm Heights Park are keeping their brains active as part of the city's summer youth program. Kinton said, "They are doing a scavenger hunt at our website, and they are learning some things about the parks and recreation department and finding information."

The Wi-Fi at Palm Heights Park also extends outside so kids can use it to play games, surf the Internet, check their email, or even stream some music while playing some basketball.

Today three parks activated the free Wi-fi, but more is on the way. Tkachyk said, "Over the course of the summer the next seven will come on. They should be up and running by August."