Abilene ISD bus drivers were put to the test Wednesday.

School bus drivers do more than just stop in front of your house.

For the first time, they competed in the 'Bus Rodeo' competition.

A driver said he was satisfied with his performance.

“I think I did pretty good,” Doyle Watson said.

The director of transportation said it’s all about making sure their skills are sharp when Monday arrives.

“Early in the morning, we’re putting the most precious cargo this city has on our buses and we want to make sure that we keep them safe and sound,” Rene Mcaden said.

Judges scored over 100 drivers in the parking lot of Shotwell Stadium.

“Next June, we hope to be a part of the state contest,” Mcaden said.

The obstacles weren’t your typical two-lane roadway.

With cheers from their peers, the drivers drove through the course.

Now they’re ready for pickup.

“I’m excited to see the kids, have a chance to be an impact in their lives,” Watson said.

Drivers ask one thing from those they share the road with.

“Please, please slow down. And when you see that stop arm go out stop,” Mcaden said.