The City of Abilene said the bus service isn’t able to run one of their routes Thursday or Friday.

The Director of Transportation for the City Link bus service , Don Green, said there is a shortage of drivers.

“Other routes that are constantly fuller that we can’t do anything with at this point,” said Green.

City link will even hire you without a commercial driver’s license and put employees through the training.

“It’s just been tough trying to find people to fill those positions,” Green added.

He said the economy is doing well, and people have more job options.

City Link is accelerating their recruiting efforts.

Green said, “We’re advertising all over town, and going to job fairs, but we just don’t have the bodies write now to drive.”

Drivers start off making $9.50 an hour.

Green said staff are considering many options to attract candidates, which may mean increasing the salary.

Green said they’ve had an increase in passengers who use the a-d-a services, and have had to shift many of

their drivers to the a-d-a accessible vans.