Vanessa Paige asked, “Could you tell me again how long it took you to get to this Walmart?”

A driver responded, “Probably about, like 20 minutes.”

The construction along Hwy 351 and I-20 has caused headaches for drivers who live and work in the area.

“A big long line you know,” said driver Gerald Nelson.

The Texas Department of Public Transportation representative said it has to get worse before it can get better.

“What that involves is completely tearing out the bridges and replacing new ones. They are also adding a concrete surface,” said Public Information Officer, MaryBelle Turner.

Turner said drivers can expect one lane access roads in the area and detours.

From April 28 through the 30th the intersection will be closed while the bridge is torn down.

“It’s very frustrating, very frustrating. Sitting in traffic, waiting 20 minutes,” said a driver.

TxDot said it means progress is being made.

“It’s not the easiest area to drive through right now but once the new bridges are in place and everything is completely finished it will be a very nice project. So we are looking forward to that,” said Turner.