Using cell phones behind the wheel is a habit many Texans will have to break -- but Texas will soon ban texting and driving.

“I think it’s a really good thing, I totally support it,” driver Katie Carlton said.

Tuesday, Governor Greg Abbott signed a texting and driving ban into law.

Some drivers said it can be a deadly distraction.

“We’ve experienced it firsthand personally, and they just ran into our parked car,” Carlton said.

While some are for the ban, others fear the law isn’t enforceable

But Abilene’s Chief of Police said this is a good start.

“We had robust conversations about this issue. And the city council agreed that this really needs to be handled at a statewide level,” Chief Stan Standridge said.

This doesn’t mean Abilene Police will crack down on law-breakers when it goes into effect on September 1.

The police force simply needs more bodies to bring the issue to a halt.

However, they will enforce the law when they can.

“As we investigate these crashes, this is something now we can take enforcement on. Or as we’re sitting at a red light, and we look over in the next lane and see citizens texting and driving we can take enforcement actions."