More than eight inches of rain fell across Throckmorton County in a matter of hours, leaving most of the area underwater.

According to Throckmorton Mayor William Carroll, more than 15 homes on the town's south side were evacuated.

Many major highways are shut down as well.

The National Weather Service (NWS) says Throckmorton is under a Flash Flood Emergency. NWS spoke to the Throckmorton Fire Department earlier this afternoon, and the department said the water on the south side of town was about five feet deep. They also said, at that time, there were no reported injuries, as residents were able to evacuate to higher ground.

Mayor Carroll tells Fox 15 Lake Throckmorton was nearly full and the added rainfall caused the lake to overflow.

At one point, the water exceeded the spillway by more than three feet.

At this time, Mayor Carroll says there is no indication the dam can't hold the added water.

The city's emergency plan is in place, which includes shutting down the airport.

Everyone is advised not to travel into or out of the area.

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