Hurricane Harvey evacuees have found shelter here in Abilene, but their journey isn’t over.

“It hurts. It’s…I feel hopeless,” Adelle Villarreal said.

Villarreal drove to Abilene from Clute, Texas Friday.

She wanted to protect her family and friends from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

“It’s…it’s hard,” Villarreal said.

She didn’t expect to still be far from home.

“I actually expected to be home within two days from the time that we left,” Villarreal said.

But, things took a turn for the worst.

“We rented a room we all came with limited cash,” Villarreal said.

For her grandchildren school is the last thing on their minds.

“I’ve been really scared about home ‘cause I don’t want all my stuff to get destroyed when I go back home,” 10-year-old Ashlynn Martinez said.

The children worry about their basic needs.

“Toothpaste and stuff like that. And socks,” Martinez added.

“We came like on limited clothing because we didn’t have very much vehicles to you know load very much stuff so you know, he was very nice to go out of his way to accommodate us,” Villarreal said.

A Houston family said coming to Abilene wasn’t a hard decision.

“My dad has a disability so before it became a hurricane we decided to not risk it and come out here,” Bibiana Perez said.

They’re even selling t-shirts, hoping to raise money for fellow friends and family.

“I feel helpless but I’m trying to help people out from here where I am,” Bibiana Perez said.

Francisco Deleon is the head of maintenance at the Towneplace Suites Marriott.

He began taking families to get food after his shift.

“I took ‘em and got ‘em some clothes. The other workers asked if they could help,” Bibiana Perez said.

Their help has been one positive thing in a hard time.

“Texas has been able to kind of get together and you know help each other in times like this.”

They aren’t sure when they’ll be able to return home.

They are able to stay at the hotel with help from FEMA.