Thursday night’s rain and wind caused damage at the Texas State Veterans Cemetery in Abilene.

The onsite representative, Jimmy Defoor, was concerned Friday morning.

“This is hallowed ground, it’s very sacred,” said Defoor.

Defoor added, “The first thing I noticed was one half of our front entry gate was blown completely off.”

As Defoor got further onto the property, he also saw tree limbs had been blown down and some trees were pulled out of the ground.

“One that was uprooted, one that was broken off,” said Defoor.

He feared there would be damage to headstones.

“I knew right then that I was going to have to do a complete survey of the cemetery checking for damage,” said


Defoor said luckily, no headstones were broken.

However, there was standing water on some of the grave sites.

“With heavy rain comes some standing water in those areas and what we will watch for over the next couple of

weeks is if any of the graves begin to sink in a little bit,” said Defoor.

Staff said they’re prepared to level the graves out if needed.

They will keep the cemetery manicured, no matter how big the storms are that blow through.

“The men and women and even the families, they deserve no less,” said Defoor.