Freckling: Tattoo freckles are the latest beauty trend

The latest beauty trend is throwing people for a loop. Rather than using cover-up to create a flawless complexion, the trend adds marks to your face: Freckle tattoos.

Tattooing your face isn't anything new. Tattoo eyebrows (called microblading), forever-permanent eyeliner and lash enhancement tattoos have become refined and practiced beauty tricks. 

The latest trend provides clients with a sun-kissed appearance. The practice of tattooing tiny freckles onto a face is called "freckling" and was reportedly started by Montreal-based cosmetic tattoo artist Gabrielle Rainbow

Rainbow told New Beauty said she's not sure what sparked the beauty trend, but she began the process after her friend grew tired of drawing freckles on her face with makeup.

"Before tattooing her, I experimented on myself -- I really don't recommend tattooing your own face -- but once I saw that it worked, and I liked the effect, I decided to do hers," Rainbow told New Beauty.

Rainbow now provides the freckling service to various clients. She says the tattooed freckles will last about two years and will soften up and look more natural once they're healed.



According to New Beauty, after the freckles are tattooed they will appear swollen, "like bee stings." Once the swelling goes down after a couple of hours clients are left with a fresh freckle appearance.

"Over the course of one to two months, the color will soften dramatically and look more natural," Rainbow told New Beauty. "They will fade naturally with time, and if you wish to keep them, you can always get the color boosted whenever you like."

The price of freckling at Rainbow's salon, Twin Peonies, is $250. Additional touch-ups range between $80 to $100. 

Check out some freckling looks below:













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