Mitchel Summers is a sports multimedia reporter at Fox 15.

He’s born and raised in Mid-Missouri. Mitchel studied at the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Convergence Journalism, with an emphasis in sports reporting.

While at the University of Missouri, Mitchel worked as a sports anchor, producer and reporter for the local NBC affiliate station, KOMU-TV. He had the privilege of reporting on SEC sports. He travelled around the country covering the football team. He was part of a team that uncovered unjust treatment in the Mizzou Gymnastics squad. Mitchel also worked as a multimedia editor for the University magazine and was a sports executive with a student television station.

“I love talking about sports because I feel that athletics has a tendency to bring people to the intersection of emotional moments in the life of exceptional people.” Mitchel said. “I love learning more about people and I love talking about the amazing things that athletes do.”

When Mitchel isn’t driving around West Texas, he’s at home with his cat Oliver (a little orange kitten named after the Disney movie Oliver and Company) and he enjoys playing pick-up sports.

Mitchel is active on his Twitter (@MittenSummers) and his Facebook Page (Mitchel Summers – FOX 15).

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