Legendary Seattle band Pearl Jam will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Friday. And they have not only inspired others over the years musically, but in other forms of art.

When Barry Ament and Coby Schultz create art, they just want to make something that looks 'cool.' But there is a much deeper meaning when you are surrounded by their work at Ames Bros. in Seattle.

The duo has been involved with album covers and posters for Pearl Jam since the band got their start in the early 1990s.

"It's been a great relationship, it's lasted a long time, said Barry. "Longer than most."

As you'd expect. Barry, is the brother of Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament.

"Our relationship has always revolved around art, and that's still true today," he said.

The band has always been heavily involved in the process when it comes to album covers. But while Pearl Jam was on tour, it was Ames Bros. job to create posters and art that could help promote the band from city to city.

"It was our job, literally our job for us to come up with things to offer their fans," said Schultz. "The band is very passionate about how it's going to look."

They estimate there are around 300 posters in all over the years.

Now that Pearl Jam is being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Ament and Schultz are reflecting on their career too.

"It's been fun," said Barry. "The guys have a lot to be proud of right now."