There's a new place in the Key City to see the latest movies, and it's a little different than the other theatres in town.

The Cinemark Abilene and XD theatre began offering tours this week.

The theatre has been under construction all summer, but Thursday it will be open to the public.

Our Vanessa Paige got to tour the facility for viewers.

“This is probably about as good as it gets. You know you obviously have the luxury loungers,” Bryan Jeffries the VP of Marketing said.

The seats allow you to prop up your feet and lean back, just like in a recliner.

There’s also another type of seat.

“We have our D-Box seats they are motion censored seats. You’re going to feel every vibration, and move along

with the movie,” Ashten Conroy the Marketing Manager said.

The auditoriums have speakers on the ceilings.

“Most people come in and see how large the screen is, and think that’s amazing in itself. But most people leave talking about how great the movie sounded,” Jeffries said.

These features can be pricey.

The base general admission base price for evenings starts at $8.75.

There’s an upcharge for D-Box and XD, or Extreme Digital, seats.

It ranges from $3 to $11, plus the normal ticket price.

Also noteworthy are the snacks that go along with the movie.

“You’re allowed to walk up and just grab a popcorn, grab a pretzel and grab the drink of your choice,” Jeffries said.

They offer free refills.

Another different feature for Abilene--all movies that are out will play in the theatre, rather than a couple.

It’s north of Highway 351.

Staff said a theatre option on the north side of town has been long awaited.

“Especially near the campus and ACU and just where the north side developments are going in,” Jeffries said.