Brian King is ready for his final exam, but it won’t be taken with a pencil and paper.

“I’m the host today, I’ll be seating guests and greeting them as they come in,” King said.

King attends Abilene’s TSTC Culinary Institute.

The last step in student’s education is demonstrating their skills in a real situation.

“I hope to learn how a restaurant properly operates. Obviously we can’t do it at 100% here, but it gives a really clear idea,” King said.

Their classroom is now a restaurant and open to the community.

The chefs are skilled at making food, but serving cooks up its own challenges.

“We just got to focus on the passion of the food and let that come through for the servers,” King said.

They will be graded on their leadership skills.

“They create the menu, they execute it, they train their staff, they order the food,” instructor Kayleen Mills said.

Students have to do everything a real restaurant would do like managing, cleaning, and budgeting.

“It’s pretty hard to turn over a new menu every week, so students are not only learning new menus but they’re teaching new menus,” Mills Said.

The experience is also to get them prepared for what’s to come.

“We try to make it as real as we can for them so that they’re not surprised when they go into the industry so that they are well prepared and able to carry on their duties as a head chef anywhere else they go.”

The cherry on top of the experience is knowing customers are satisfied.

“The food was wonderful, very tasty, affordable,” a customer told Fox 15.

The community can dine with students every Tuesday and Wednesday until December 6th.

Guests can make reservations on the school's website or just go to the event.