For some, Vera Hall Minter Memorial Park is a place to get away.

The owner of Monks Coffee Shop said her customers enjoy the park in downtown Abilene.

“A lot of our customers will pick up a coffee to go and then come out here, enjoy the shade, enjoy the weather,” Allison Carroll said.

Abilene’s Parks Division Manager said lots of changes are coming.

“We removed all of the vegetation with the exception of the large trees,” Richard Rogers said.

They’ve put in a new shrub that will keep a low profile.

City staff said this will make it safer.

“More visible from the street, and less places for someone to hide,” Rogers said.

City staff and neighboring business owners said there have been problems with homeless people using it for a place to sleep at night.

The walls will also be lit when the sun goes down.

Park hours will also be added on a wall, stating the park is closed at 12am.

More vegetation is also on the horizon.

“We’re going to plant actually 5 different varieties of maple over the next few weeks,” Rogers said.

Rodgers said it should be finished by the summer.

“This park had not had not had a lot of renovations in a long time so we’ve had a lot of settling and moving with tree roots and that kind of thing,” Rogers said.

He hopes their work will result in a more inviting park.

“Well the end result I hope is that people feel more comfortable in the park. That it’s aesthetically pleasing to people,” Rogers said.

“Just being a communal space where community can happen,” Carroll said.