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BUY IT NOW: $44 off Striiv Fusion Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch with free delivery

How much easier would it be to achieve your "get fit" New Year's resolutions if you could actually track your progress from your wrist without spending hundreds of dollars on a smart watch? You can make it happen today thanks to the $35 deal I found on a top fitness tracker with some smart watch enhancements.

I've tested countless smart watch and fitness trackers and this deal bridges the gap between both. The Striiv Fusion is an activity tracker, sleep tracker and smart watch with social networking connectivity.

Not all fitness trackers are created equal. With the help of heath and fitness expert Dr. Derek Alessi, I tested 13 different fitness trackers that cost under $100 and found that the majority cannot accurately count steps or calories burned. The Fusion uses the latest in accelerometer technology to ensure your progress is properly tracked.

Click the play button to see the Striiv up close!

Features of the Striiv Fusion Activity Tracker:

  • Sleep monitor
  • Weighs under 17 grams!
  • Pedometer
  • Highly accurate fitness tracker
  • Connect with friends to stay motivated and see how you stack up
  • Social media alerts from all your connected networks
  • Get incoming call and text notifications
  • Email notifications
  • Control your music and smartphone from a distance
  • Pairs with both Apple and Android devices
  • Water-resistant
  • Lowest-recorded price

BUY IT NOW: $44 off Striiv Fusion Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch with free delivery
Was: $79.99
Now: $34.99


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