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BUY IT NOW: Chocolate chip cookie dough eight-pack, $8.98

It's been a long day. Your kids forgot their lunches, your boss yelled at you and your commute was terrible. 

At times like these, you could really use some raw cookie dough. But you don't want to put the effort into preparing it, nor do you want to buy an entire tube of pre-made dough.

Don't worry: Sam's Club is here for you.

The retail club is selling yogurt-sized cups of cookie dough by The Cookie Dough Cafe. A pack of eight 3.5-ounce cups carrying the phrase "EAT IT! Don't Bake It!" costs $8.98.

According to The Cookie Dough Cafe's website, the product does not include eggs and all ingredients are safe to eat raw.

Sam's Club was praised by commenters when they posted about the product on Facebook on Wednesday.

Have you tried The Cookie Dough Cafe's personal cookie dough servings? Leave a comment on and let us know!


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