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BUY IT HERE: $100 Off Amazon Prime Day 12" Laptop + Free Shipping

In the weeks before Amazon Prime Day, select distributors around the country lower prices to calculate customer demand. This helps manufacturers and distributors predict the stock they need for Amazon's huge shopping event.

Some of the early Prime Day deals were offered through; others were posted on distributor or manufacturer websites. That is the case with this incredible laptop deal.

Your have the opportunity to buy a Windows 10, Intel, ultra-thin and fully loaded laptop complete with fingerprint reader and a spectacular HD display at a great price.

Click the play button to see how today's laptop deal held its own against a $1,300 Macbook.

Features and specs include:

- Spectacular Quad HD Display (held its own against an Apple Retina display)

- Ultra thin, slim and extremely light laptop

- Fingerprint ID

- Intel chip and 8 hour battery life

- Fast solid state drive with USB C hub expandable up to 512 GB

- 1080p full HD webcam for video chats and better facial recognition

- Includes USB C hub with HDMI port

$100 Off Early Amazon Prime Day 12" Laptop + Free Shipping

Was: $499.99

Now: $399.99

***Will sell for $10 more on Prime Day and deal will not last more than a few minutes.

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