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Do you know what I hate most about airfare sales? They promise great fares for $59 or reduced fees and there's often not a single cheap flight that's available from our local airport! It's infuriating.

But thanks to a new major nationwide sale that just dropped from Southwest Airlines, you're now more likely to lock in travel savings from your area through one of my favorite online resources.

I've hunted down countless travel deals for USA Today Travel as well as this TV station (in addition to the daily savings you'll see on DEALBOSS) and I've found that is a great resource worthy of a bookmark.

My favorite flight price watch tool paired with the sale that just dropped from Southwest Airlines will actually help you find inexpensive fares from Southwest or any airline for that matter.

The Southwest Airlines spring sale has fares for as low as $59 available for bookings May 7 through June 12 — with Memorial Day weekend excluded.

If you want to see how this sale impacts rates from your preferred airport, you can look at the top Southwest offerings by clicking right here. 

More importantly, if you simply want to see deals available from your favorite departing airport for all major airlines, click here.

And finally, if you have a destination in mind and want to see the lowest prices from various airports to reach your arrival city of choice, click here.

Happy savings!


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