Lots of people make their way to West Texas and leave their money behind.

Research done by the state was recently released.

Fox 15 set to find out how this money benefits taxpayers.

Released by the CVB:

Date: October 9th, 2017 Contact: Trish Dressen, 325-665-1527; trish@abilenevisitors.com

The Abilene Convention and Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce new travel MSA (metropolitan statistical area) numbers for the Abilene area. Overall, tourism pumped $416.1 million into the Abilene area economy, employed 3,930 people and provided $11.5 million in local tax receipts.

The industry is represented primarily by retail and service firms, including lodging establishments, restaurants, retail stores, service stations, and other types of businesses that sell their products and services to travelers. The money that visitors spend on various goods and services while in Abilene produces business receipts at these firms, which in turn, employ Abilene residents and pay their wages and salaries. Local government units benefit from travel, primarily in the form of taxes on the goods and services purchased by visitors.

Total direct travel impacts in the Abilene MSA are found in the following industry groups:

· Local Transportation and Fuel-$111 million

· Food-$95 million

· Retail-$75.4 million

· Accommodations-$56.8 million

· Entertainment/Recreation/Arts-$48.5 million

· Other Travel-$19.1 million

· Visitor Air Transportation-$10.3 million

In 2016, total visitor spending decreased 2.2% which is directly contributed to the lower cost motor fuel (-10%), however the average annual change in travel spending has increased 3.4% for the Abilene MSA (from 1995-2016).

“Tourism produces $580 in tax revenue per Abilene household and $690 per Taylor County