Homelessness is an issue seen in many places around the United States and many say here in Abilene too..

That's why organizations are coming together to make a difference with the !00-Day challenge. Lexi Mercier, one the organizers, said this will help address the lack of permeant supporting housing in Abilene.

"The 100 day challenge really came from a need to get people housing in Abilene,” said Mercier. “We are also implementing a system called coordinated entry,”

The campaign’s goal is to house 50 of the most vulnerable homeless people in town.

"Our ultimate goal is to make homelessness, rare, brief and non-reoccurring,” said Mercier.

Starting Thursday, Abilenieans will see dozens of volunteers conducting surveys with homeless people during the campaign for a bigger cause.

“We will put people who are homeless on a list that we share with all of agencies in Abilene so they know who is homeless and what their situation is,” said Mercier.”

With all agencies in Abilene having access to this list, they will able to direct people to resources other non-profits have that they may not offer.

"we really believe in the housing first model. getting people in a house so that then they're able to look for a job,” said Mercier.