ABILENE, TX — " Doves are the most hunted animal in North America"

September 1st is the official opening day similar to Christmas morning for Texas hunters.

"We love hunting we love hunters. We are hunters.. we just ask people to play within the rules. Take their fair share and no more", says Texas Game Warden James Cummings.

But according to Texas Parks and Wildlife reports there has been a decrease in hunting licenses since 2014.

"How is the economy doing? Do I have money for this and that there’s no one factor that generally influences license sales for one year", says Cummings.

Although there has been a decrease… over 1 million hunting licenses issued in Texas over the last 3 years is hardly a shortage.

"It's a Texas tradition it's a family tradition. I don't think it’s going anywhere for a long long time anything like this there is going to be cycles and trends", says Cummings.

If you do plan to join in on the season Texas Game Wardens want you to be aware of your surroundings…

"In the big country we have a lot of new development and so there are houses now where there haven't been houses in decades. So we want to encourage people to make sure they know their target ..and where their shot is going to fall when they go to take that bird” says Cummings.

Other important regulations include daily limits as well as hunting legal game birds.

The legal birds include mourning dove, white tip, and white-winged.

The daily limit is 15 birds, with a possession limit of 3x the daily limit.