ABILENE, TX. — Dawn Hester was babysitting her grandchildren the night she heard screaming across the street.

"So I walked outside and saw this man and woman fighting...well I thought they were fighting and so I went inside to get my phone and I told him, I'm calling 911," says Hester.

At around 4 AM Hester made the call. Police were on the scene soon after searching for the rape suspect, 38-year-old Joshua Day.

Hester went back inside to get clothing for the victim.

"I sat down and talked to her...she was just telling me that he came up behind her, jumped on her, and she was trying to hit him with her flashlight and he came behind her and he stuck his hands in her pants pockets and ripped them down," says Hester.

Thankfully Hester woke up to the sound of screaming before it was too late.

Rape suspect, Day, remains behind bars along with three other sexual assault charges after women spoke up.

The Abilene Police Department recognized Hester's efforts in a ceremony this week.

"I was just grateful to help her out of the situation and I was thinking wow what if that would've been me, and would somebody have helped me," says Hester.