You've seen a lot of sub divisions and business grow in Abilene. But how much does the city have to pay for development, s it too much or too little?

Abilene City Manager, Robert Hanna, says it's a great time to go over costs of developments. That's why the city is having a workshop to talk about what is fair and what isn't when it comes to paying the bill for growth.

"We have a lot of development going on. There's a housing boom in Abilene,” Hanna said.

There’s also been a growth in businesses.

"At the corner of Antilley and Buffalo Gap, the Compass Bank building, there's a request to rezone that into retail and development that will also allow fuel sales,” Hanna said.

While the recent growth is a good thing, city officials say, the adage "you have to spend money to make money" applies to them as well.

"When a new subdivision comes into town and they put their water lines and sewer lines, that developer pays a cost to do that. Well the city of Abilene also has a cost,” Hanna said.

There will be a public workshop on Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. to discuss "who pays for what?" and the best way to do it.

"Street lights in Abilene right now, the city of Abilene pays for the street pole and the fixture. That's normally a developer cost. It's not something tax payers have to fund,” Hanna said.

So why do tax payers have to pay to install the street light when they're already paying for the electricity bill? That's one question Hanna wants to have answered."I want to talk to council about the strategy where we meet our obligation when the private sector is ready to develop,” Hanna said.