ABILENE, TX — The Abilene Police Department arrested a man on a murder warrant in connection to a missing persons case, Wednesday.

Timothy Jon Dwelle, 58, from Abilene, Texas was arrested for murder in relation to the disappearance of Patricia Ford.

"They have known each other for several years," Sgt. Kevin Ohnheiser, with Abilene Police said. "They’ve had a relationship for quite a while."

Ford, from Abilene, was reported missing in September 2016 and at that time police didn’t suspect foul play.

In a search warrant, executed by Abilene Police says, an acquaintance of Ford reported she was buried under the floor of a residence in the 1700 block of S. 17th Street.

Investigators discovered skeletal remains in the dirt at the home on the northeast corner of the living room floor, court documents say.

Multiple bone fragments, suspected hair, fingernail, pieces of clothing and other items were also discovered at the residence that belongs to Dwelle, police say.

The home belongs to Dwelle.