ABILENE, TX — State Farm reports Texas is number 5 in dog-related injury claims, and the payout increased 91% last year.

Many call dogs “man’s best friend” and even refer to them as family members.

But, National Dog Bite Prevention Week highlights the millions of people bitten every year.

“Fifty percent of all dog bites are to children, so it’s a pretty serious issue,” State Farm agent Sammy Garcia said.

State Farm said in Texas alone, $6M was paid in claims last year.

The tragedy of a dog bite can be life-changing.

“Not only for the trauma, the injuries, but also the financial losses on top of that,” Garcia said.

Abilene Animal Services advises the public not to pet a dog you don’t know, give them space, and recognize their body language.

Staff said about 600 dog bites are reported each year.