The Alameda Neighborhood for years has been a hotbed for crime and illegal behavior.

Tuesday night they held a neighborhood watch meeting and those who live there addressed ways to make their area safer.

Kevin Scroggins has lived in the Alameda neighborhood for years. He recalled times when it was at its worst.

"There were a few killings, a couple accidents, drug selling, gang banging like name it it was there."

A zero tolerance rule from police was even placed on the area.

"We were so out of control as a neighborhood that they had the authority to just shoot and kill at their will."

But now Kevin said that has all changed with the adoption of the new Neighborhood Watch program.

"It's wonderful living in this neighborhood, at first it was pretty rough I admit a long time ago but as time has progressed we have come a long way as a community."

The Alameda family says they are well on their way to building back up their safe and family friendly neighborhood.