The blue duiker antelope was born on July 7, 2017 and has now moved, along with his mother, to the duiker exhibit at Giraffe Safari at the Abilene Zoo.

Zoo Executive Director Bill Gersonde said, "He's gaining weight and has grown strong and is ready to meet the other duikers and the kori bustards who share his exhibit."

This blue duiker, named Maji, was born on a chaotic day at the zoo. On July, 7, the water main broke and that's how he earned his name. It means water in Swahili.

"Blue duikers are tiny antelopes that graze on the plains of Africa, which is why the zoo's duikers live in the Giraffe Safari area," according to a City of Abilene press release.

Maji weighted less than a pound at birth and currently weighs 1,100 grams. They say he's extremely shy, so guests might need a little bit more time to locate him at the exhibit.