The news of the fatal Texas Tech shooting rocked the nation Monday night.

The tragedy also hit hard for the town of Seguin, Tx when the shooter was identified.

The people who spoke to Fox 15’s Vanessa Paige wanted to remain anonymous.

“I was getting ready to watch a movie, and the movie was about to start and I was hearing all this stuff and it was like a shock to me because I have never known him to like have that motive to do that to someone,” a Seguin graduate said.

The individual said he was in theater programs with 19-year-old Hollis or Reid Daniels.

The 2016 grad. is accused of killing a Texas Tech police officer Monday night.

Many said they found the news heartbreaking.

“I went to Facebook, you know Facebook is where a lot of stuff happens first. And then I see his picture and I’m like, ‘oh my God, that’s Reid,’ “the friend said.

He’s described as someone who was loved by his friend.

“He was in a show with us, and me and him would hang out like every once in a while, cause like he was like the younger kid of the group,” the friend said.

However, some said he was known to hang out with people who may have been ‘bad influences.’

“We like talked every day, and hung out and stuff like that. So it was like whoa this is crazy,” the friend said.

Many who live in the Seguin area have taken to social media to express their remorse.

“Even if it’s a friend it’s like, dude you did something messed up. You know what I mean,” he added.

A fellow 2016 Seguin graduate said he wouldn’t expect this from a classmate.

“It was kind of weird seeing that it was somebody that I went to school with. Like, you don’t expect that,” he said.

He added that his father was on the Seguin City Council, and his family owns a local theater.

“They’re kind of well known in the seguin area. So I guess they don’t want their name tarnished,” he said.

On social media, many stated they are praying for both the family of police officer Floyd East Jr. and the Daniels family.