Court documents explain the night 19-year-old Bronson Boyles was shot on July 28 .

The investigation explains that Boyles was shot and transported to Abilene Regional Medical Center. He was later pronounced dead, the cause of death being a gunshot would to his torso.

The Abilene Police Department later acquired information from two sources that identified D'Jaman Keshod West as the person responsible for the shooting death of Boyles.

One witness observed West get into an altercation with the victim. "He described the altercation as West grabbing the victim's arm and taking a pistol thereafter shooting Boyles in the chest," according to the document.

"Another witness at the scene said he was on the top landing of the apartments when the struggle began," according to the document. The witness said after he heard a gunshot, he saw West holding a gun over the victim.

Some neighbors who heard the shooting assisted him into a vehicle and transported Boyles to the hospital.

Later is was learned that West had a GPS monitor as part of an out of county probation order. It was the GPS that confirmed that West was in the area of the shooting at the time.