The nonprofit Communities in Schools, has established a safe space for students at schools from all over the Big Country.

To better serve all students, a partnership has taken place with the local autism resource organization, REACH for a Difference of Abilene. A grant has been provided by the United Way of Abilene to fully equip this movement.

"Students who experience autism are a really good fit for what we're able to do on campuses, we're able to help walk through daily life on a campus where they're integrated into mainstream classes,” says Communities in Schools executive director, Paul Wallace.

The idea sprung by Executive director at REACH, Sara Collins, who initiated this discussion.

Although it is still in its beginning stages, this is the first of its kind. Even the state director who offices out of the Texas Education Agency in Austin took notice.

"When she heard, you guys are doing what with students with autism…that's fantastic because that’s a gap that maybe we can help step and other affiliates across the state too,” says Wallace.

The success coaches will begin training his upcoming spring semester, held by a Hardin Simmons professor over everything related to autism.

The mission of Communities in Schools continues of, “empowering students to stay in school and achieve in life.”