An app on your child’s phone may seem bright, colorful and fun, but hidden dangers lurk in the content.

‘’ allows users to create social messages using songs and videos.

While it may seem like fun, this app is being used for more than just karaoke.

“It doesn’t matter what app it is, what’s important Vanessa, is that all parents need to understand the

dangers of applications that come with the use of cell phones,” Abilene Police PIO Rick Tomlin said.

There are currently over 200 million users, and several of them reported bad experiences on the Apple App store.

In the reviews, users said this is not good for anyone under 10-years-old.

Some stated they often see children posting explicit content.

“Any predator out there can be monitoring your kid, your child and its activities,” Tomlin said.

Police said it’s important to monitor all children’s internet use.

Sometimes parents can do this by phoning their cell provider.

“Putting some restrictions on the plan itself to where your child or your teenager cannot get onto the internet or maybe targeting specific phones,” Tomlin said.

Talking about proper use before the device is in their hands can help.

“Having a plan in place is the first thing you need to do before purchasing your child a cell phone. If you see something that’s wrong, put a stop to it immediately,” Tomlin said.

Any illegal activity should be reported to police.