ABILENE, TX. — The Chronicle of Higher Education shows that fewer students are enrolling in foreign language classes.

With a population of about 122,000, more Abileneans speak Spanish, Chinese, African languages, Thai and German more than any other.

Abilene Christian University foreign language professor, Rodrigo Pereyra states that the future of foreign language is still bright throughout the nation.

"The only languages that had an increase in the number of students signing in, has been Asian languages, Japanese and Korean for example, but overall, Spanish is the predominant language," says professor Pereyra.

ACU students like Lauren Meandro express their interest in foreign language classes to help achieve her career goals.

"Not everyone thinks like you, and not everyone has the same experiences as you, and so that broadens your worldview," says Meandro.

ACU senior Meandro plans to use her skills studying abroad to expand her dreams of doing mission work around the world.

"The reality is that there are many opportunities coming in right now for jobs in the U.S. overall and people are starting to realize this,” says professor Pereyra.