Disability Resources Inc. is doing more to help the lives of the disabled in Abilene by building four new residences on their 170 acre campus, said Vice President Tim Yandell.

The DRI has had a lot of support for this project with Dodge Jones Foundation granting one million dollars, the largest donation in their 30 years of operations. The Tulsa Organization also donated an 800 thousand dollar grant.

Leroy Bell, chairman, said, "The goal, the purpose is to improve the lives of the folks that live here."

This will feel like living in a bigger neighborhood.

Yandell said, "One of our most enjoyable things about this is when we build these four homes all of our folks will be able to feel a since of community."

Currently, they have raised 2.7 million dollars for the expansion project. But they have until Sept. 15 to raise the rest of the funds needed.