Animal Services is investigating a dog found strangled to death on the 1300 block of Cypress St.

A neighbor, who wants to remain anonymous, told Fox 15 they saw the horrific scene.

"I was shocked at first, I went down there and seen the dog hanging from the fence myself,” neighbor said. “I just called animal control to come out to deal with the situation."

When officials arrived to this house they found a dead dog strangled by a tether cord in the closed yard.
Mirenda Walden, Director, Animal Services says they left a notice because nobody was home at the time until Tuesday.

"We returned with the Abilene Police Department. The owner was home. The owner claimed that he didn't know that the dog was deceased until we arrived,” said Walden.

Walden said tethering a dog is permitted under certain provisions. But when we asked if any violation was made she had this to say:

"It's preliminary, but something did happen,” said Walden.Fox 15 did talk to the owner of the dog. He said ”No comment.”

Officials said they picked up the dog's body and evidence. But with the information they have at the moment, the owner could face some charges.

"It appears at this time to be class C related, ‘improper tethering.’ There is a requirement to dispose of the remains in the city of Abilene,” said Walden.

Walden said authorities have gone to this house to check on the welfare of a dog last year.

The neighbor said when he saw the dead dog it look somewhat healthy."I'm an animal lover. I come from 4-generation of animal lovers. and I can't stand animal cruelty,” said the neighbor.

This is an ongoing investigation.