Thousands of people die each year because of drunk driving.
So TXDOT came up with a different way to show people the dangers of this deadly epidemic.

Marybelle Turner, with TXDOT said it’s another way to grab the attention of people.

“It's a fun spin on a very important message and the message is that if people are planning to go out and have a few drinks and have a good time but we want to make sure that they also plan on having a safe ride home."

This simulator has the player stand in front of the screen and dodge balls coming at them. Every 15 seconds a drink is added to the simulator which slows the player's reflexes.

The Plan While You Can Campaign is to show people enjoying yourself with some drinks are fine, but getting behind the wheel is not.

And this push is very personal for Rocky Flores who lost his daughter and niece five years ago at the hands of a drunk driver.

Turner said by playing with the simulator the person really sees how alcohol effects them in different amounts.