The community, friends, family, and families of first responders gathered at Beltway Park Church to remember Elise Ybarra, Abilene Police Department's detective.

The Abilene Chief of Police, Stan Standridge, spoke at the funeral -- remembering Ybarra as "Ferocious, someone who stands up for herself."

Standridge recognized Class 52, which Ybarra was the spokesperson for. He followed by recognizing those in Class 52 by name.

A bear with Ybarra's number 1058, and a thin, blue lined flag was given to Ybarra's 14-year-old sister. Standridge said this was an "internal touch." A police cross was also given to Ybarra's husband, Adam, and their 10-month-old daughter.

Standrige went on to say how Ybarra "was a great detective" and commented on some of the impacting cases she worked on.

Later on, the two police officers who were also in the car during the accident, Christopher Milliron and Robert Collins, were recognized. Then, all officers were asked to stand up to be recognized.

Three people gave testimonies. The sister-in-law of Ybarra spoke first, then Ybarra's sister.

Ybarra's sister said, "There are no words to express what I'm feeling right now."

Last to give a testimony was Ybarra's husband, Adam. He started by reading a note that was given to him by a neighbor. Adam said he'd read the letter about 20 times already.

He said, "Thank you all for being here, it means the world to me. When people ask how I'm doing, and ask me 'what's going on?' The only way I can tell them I'm doing okay is because of my family."

He added, "There are no words that could accurately describe my sorrow right now. I cannot tell you the amount of love, support, my family and myself have felt from the APD, APOA, ACU and the community."

Adam commented on how he knew how unusual it is for the spouse to speak at the service; however, "I have so touched, good, vivid memories of my wife, it's so easy for me to talk about her because I love her so much."

Ybarra was honored at the end of the service with a 21 gun salute.

All first responders and their families were invited to have lunch after the service.