After an emergency landing was conducted by a civilian plane that took off from the Abilene airport the Department of Public Safety says,

“The pilot was heading to New Mexico and attempted to land at Dyess air force base after having engine problems.”

The pilot didn't make it Dyess but reached a nearby private residence at a quarter mile from Dyess off of County road 311.

Authorities say the pilot walked away without any injuries.

Homeowner Marshall Anderson tells us this isn't the first emergency landing on his residence.

Anderson added "We had a hot air balloon make an emergency landing out her once during the hot air balloon festival and everyone was okay then too---so as long everybody is clear of the power lines and the trees."

A spokesperson from Dyess says this crash did not interfere with the base's operation.

The pilot was the only one on the plane.

But now the FAA is investigating this unexpected landing.