The flu epidemic the Center for Disease Control says numbers are only increasing and we aren't through with the season yet.

Last week 1 in 10 of all deaths reported in the United States were caused by flu or pneumonia.

The last time we saw this much flu activity was the 2009 swine flu epidemic.

In efforts to reduce the spread of the flu the Abilene Taylor County public health district is hosting a Flu Clinic this Saturday.

Brandi Walsh says, "this is more of an outreach so that we can reach our high-risk individuals, children 18 and under and then adults 65 and older the vaccine is not going to hurt them. It's not going to make the flu worst, but it could very well save their life."

The clinic will also have programs in place funded by the state that you may qualify for they encourage low income and uninsured citizens especially to get covered but everyone is more than welcome to attend don't forget the flu clinic will begin at 9 am tomorrow.