Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) spoke to the Sheriff's Association of Texas Monday and outlined legislation passed during the 85th legislative session to further protect and honor Texas peace officers.

The Governor also spoke out on the bill signed into law known as the 'Sanctuary Cities Bill.'

"The purpose of was to identify and remove from the streets dangerous criminals, not to detain hard working families or innocent children. And I appreciate the strong support," Abbott said.

Nearly two weeks after the start of the 85th Texas Legislature's special session Abbott is pushing items at the top of his list, from property tax reform to bathroom privacy.

In an online statement at the start of the session:

"A special session was entirely avoidable, and there was plenty of time for the legislature to forge compromises to avoid the time and taxpayer expense of a special session. As Governor, if I'm going to call a special session, I intend to make it count."

According to our sister station in Austin, the Governor has announced his rebid for the Governor's seat.