Benjamin Franklin once said there are two things that are certain in life, death and taxes.

And in Texas that is no different. But there is a way you can pay less taxes on your home.

It's called Homestead Taxation; the process is taking out some taxes on your home by lowering the value of it.

Those extra taxes usually go toward a school district.

This process is free through the District Appraisal Office but one company in Austin is trying to charge homeowners 45 dollars.

The CEO of the Taylor County Appraisal Office Gary Earnest, said this, "Well I really don't have a comment on what the interaction with the company or with the public but I can tell you this is free for any tax payer in any county in the state of Texas."

Earnest says you qualify for this exemption as long as you were a homeowner by January 1st of 2017.