He calls himself the male version of Mariah Carey, just not yet famous. But Michael Fosha will soon be stepping foot on the big stage.

From as early as he can remember Michael knew he was meant to be a star. He said, "There was nothing I wanted to do but be a singer and then that opened doors to being a dancer and then here comes acting."

Michael grew up in a small town outside of Houston, from a multicultural family, and a mother who worked hard for her two young sons.

Michael said he turned to his idol, Mariah Carey for solace and inspiration.

He said, "It touched me enough to say that one of these days I want to be able to touch someone, reach out to someone as much as she did through her music."

He spent his younger years singing in church and eventually made it to college at Hardin-Simmons University and now Broadway.

Michael was chosen to go to Broadway by the Open Jar Institute, which is a training school for Broadway stars.

Michael said the arts really helped shape him and blast away those thoughts of not being good enough. Now he hopes he can inspire others through his story just like he was.