The Coleman Police Department posted on their Facebook last night that they will not pick up any dead animals on anyone's property. This post had the residents of Coleman upset.

What upset the residents was that this has not been the case with animal control in the past.

Chief of Police Anthony Smith said the person who wrote the post was unauthorized to do so and was entirely incorrect with that information.

Smith said the protocol of an animal control officer is to pick up any animal dead or alive if a resident calls the service.

The case that resulted in the incorrect post was that a resident had caught an animal in a cage and it sat dead in the cage for several days, before it was called to be picked up.

After the animal control officer had visited the residence, Smith informed her that she didn't have to pick up the raccoon because of the decayed state. Smith also told her if the resident wanted the animal disposed of, it could be put in a trash bag and then be taken care of.